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Request to Claim Property and Evidence

  1. BPD Text Transparent
  2. Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible, as this will help speed up your process.
  3. Due to federal regulations on the safe-keeping of evidence by a Law Enforcement Agency, this form is necessary in order to streamline the process both for our Evidence Technician and the citizens needing to pick up property. If you have any questions regarding this you may contact Det. Kruse or Det. Sgt. Thompson during business hours Monday-Friday by calling (828) 883-2212. If they are not available then please leave a detailed message for them with your question.
  4. If you do not have a home phone, you may list cell phone only.
  5. How Did Your Property/Evidence Come to be at Brevard Police Department?*
  6. Proof of Ownership is necessary for some items, as well as picture ID (State Identification Card) will be necessary upon pick-up. Most processes take 1-2 weeks, but could take longer if a firearm is involved.
  7. If your property was seized as evidence in a criminal case, a Judge's Order will be required to return it in which the disposition of the item is described. Normally, your attorney can obtain this order for you. The BPD needs a certified copy of this from the Clerk of Court's Office. Obtaining the listed paperwork will only speed your process.
  8. If you are claiming a firearm bring in a bill of sale, purchase permit/valid concealed carry permit, proof of ownership, serial number(s), your court order (described above), and your state issued driver's license/ID.
  9. If you are attempting to pick up prescribed medication you will need a copy of your prescription, the pharmacy, and doctor information in order to retrieve it. The case Officer must also sign off on it as well during their regular shift hours.
  10. All property claims MUST be made in person by the owner, with state issued ID or license, and proof of ownership if applicable.
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