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Code Enforcement Complaint Form

  1. The City of Brevard places great importance upon protecting and maintaining a high quality of life in our community and protecting the health and safety of our Citizens.

    We need your help! Please report potential violations by filling out the form below. 

    Examples of potential violations include:

    • Junked or abandoned vehicles, untagged, that appear inoperable or hazardous
    • Litter or excessive debris
    • Fecal matter, hazardous chemicals, or other health hazards
    • Unpermitted construction or building activity
    • Uncontrolled sediment or erosion
  2. Please note: This form is for the City of Brevard, North Carolina not Brevard County, Florida.

  3. Please provide any information to help us locate the problem.
  4. Please provide a detailed description of the potential code violation.
  5. You may upload a photo to help us better understand the extent or location of the issue.
  6. Is this an ongoing problem?
  7. Notice

    Complaints are a matter of public record and as such will be disclosed to responsible parties upon written request.

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