How can I obtain a restraining order?
You can request a restraining order against a person who hurt or threatened you, or other family members, by appearing at the Superior Court. A restraining order may be requested whether or not an arrest has been made or the police have been called.

A Domestic Violence Restraining Order is always free. In many courts, free legal assistance is available or you can represent yourself.

Emergency Protection Orders are available through the Police Department on a 24 hour basis, and are valid for only 5 court days.

Request A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) At The Superior Court.
Your TRO should be granted the same or next day. Serve the defendant with a copy of the TRO. (Anyone over 18 years of age, except you, can hand the order to the defendant.) Deliver a copy of the TRO, Proof of Service, and Law Enforcement Information form to your local police station. Retain the originals of all documents. You must return to court in approximately 3 weeks to obtain an order that is valid for 3 years. This order must also be served to the defendant and copies delivered to the police station.

You can be ordered to see a mediator to try to work out visitation of any minor children involved. The law gives you the right to see the mediator alone, in a separate meeting. After any agreement with the mediator regarding visitation, be sure to return to court to obtain the 3 year restraining order which protects you!

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