Jordan Street Waste Management Pilot Program

After the success of the initial phase of the Jordan Street Waste Management Pilot Program, which involved Public Works creating a trash containment and pick-up center in the Jordan Street Parking Lot, the City is moving forward with the second phase: installing sub-grade dumpsters in the parking lot.

The City will install three subgrade dumpsters in the southwest corner of the parking lot, where the existing trash containment and pick-up center is located. One dumpster will be used for recycling, one for corrugated cardboard, and one for other solid waste.

All property owners, commercial tenants, and residential tenants must sign a written agreement with the City of Brevard. This agreement both provides contact information the City and Heart of Brevard will use to send information about the Pilot Program, and the signatory acknowledges they have been informed about the program. Please find the form in the Written Agreement.

The second phase of the pilot program will last for one year, at which point the City will evaluate the program and make future plans accordingly. Over the course of the year, the City and Heart of Brevard will monitor how often and when the dumpsters reach capacity through the different seasons. In addition, we welcome your feedback on usability and issues as they may arise via the feedback section:

Jordan Street Waste Management Pilot Program Feedback

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    Thank you for taking the time to provide the City and Heart of Brevard with valuable feedback on this pilot program. Some changes to the program will be inevitable as we tailor it to best fit our business community's needs.

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The construction of the new zone for the dumpsters will begin on October 1, 2021, and will be completed by late November 2021. The new dumpsters will be located in the area the contains the existing trash collection area and screened dumpster.


During construction, collection services will be moved to another area of the Jordan Street Parking Lot shown in blue in the map below. All current waste containers including the commercial dumpster and grease trap will be moved to this location for the duration of construction. The map provided below identifies the pilot program participants' locations and the site of the new waste containers. 

Map showing the construction zone, temporary trash collection area, and pilot program participants.