160D Amendments

In 2019 the North Carolina General Assembly adopted a broad consolidation and reorganization of the state's planning and development regulation statutes as Part II of S.L. 2019-111. Whereas cities and counties used to have separate yet very similar chapters detailing their planning and zoning authority, now all of this enabling legislation is in one place in the statues: Chapter 160D.

While not making major policy changes or shifting the scope of authority granted to local governments, Chapter 160D includes many clarifying amendments and consensus reforms to the statutes. For example, archaic terminology was modernized, superfluous and redundant language was deleted, more readable sentence structures replaced overly legalistic language, and uniform terms were given to the names of zoning tools available to local governments.

This major overhaul to state law trickled down to local ordinances as well, necessitating major changes to Brevard's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and City Code of Ordinances. Because the changes are so sweeping, and because every other local government in the state is having to make major amendments to their ordinances as well, the City's online code hosted by Municode will take several months to be updated. Therefore the Planning Department has set up this page to host the most up-to-date versions of the City's UDO and Code of Ordinances. 

Most up-to-date UDO and City Code