Building Brevard: 2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan

On MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2023 City council unanimously voted to adopt the comprehensive land use plan. 

The final plan document will be available for download on this page soon.


Public participation, input, and feedback are essential to this effort to ensure that the plan reflects the vision, principles, and interests of community members. We welcome and encourage the public to comment on the draft plan document.

You can download the recommended draft plan in the "Resources" section below.

This draft plan document was created in close coordination with the Brevard Planning Board, which served as the project's steering committee. The Board officially recommended the draft plan to City Council at their January 24, 2023 meeting.

Plan process flow chart


Planning BoardJune 25June 22January 25
February 22
May 25
June 28
December 6
January 24
City CouncilNovember 16October 8
November 15
December 20

February 6
February 20
March 20
Housing Committee

February 3


Anticipated Project Schedule

CLUP Project Schedule Gantt Chart

Previous Plans

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