Planning Department - About Us

The Planning & Zoning Department helps shape the future of Brevard. We perform multiple functions for the community.

Here are some of the most prominent functions of our department:

  • Furthering the City's vision through studies, plans, policies, and programs
  • Encouraging new and expanded investment and development
  • Administering and enforcing development ordinances
  • Reviewing proposed development plans
  • Planning for the long-term physical needs of the community
  • Supporting City activities relating to mapping and geographic data
  • Coordinating planning efforts with local, regional, state, and federal agencies

The Planning Department serves the citizens of the City of Brevard and its extraterritorial jurisdiction, community groups and organizations, elected and appointed officials, builders, contractors, architects, property owners, tenants, and advocacy groups.

  1. Aaron Bland

    Assistant Planning Director


  1. Janice Pinson

    Administrative Services Manager

  1. Paul Ray

    Planning Director


  1. Emily Brewer

    Senior Planner


  1. Katherine Buzby

    Planner/Assistant Zoning Administrator