R-5800 Asheville Highway

R-5800 is a North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) proposed access-management project to improve approximately 1.51 miles of US 64/US 27 from US 64 Business (Caldwell Street) to Fortune Cove Road in Brevard. This project is included in NCDOT’s TIP as project number R-5800.

The purpose of this project is to improve access management along this busy corridor using a raised median with right in/right out turns at minor driveways, and directional crossovers and possibly roundabouts at strategic locations as determined by a capacity analysis. 

The proposed cross-section will have 11-foot travel lanes, a 17’ 6" raised median, curb and gutter, and accommodate bicycle and pedestrian traffic with two 5-foot bike lanes and 8-foot sidewalks on both sides of the roadway. Roadway modifications such as turn lanes at existing signalized intersections, ADA improvements, possible signal upgrades, including the use of roundabouts, as well as operation improvements at intersections along the corridor are also being considered.

The latest design for the project (available below) includes three roundabouts: at Chestnut Street/Jackson Court, at Osborne Road, and at Pisgah Heights/Brian Berg Drive/Fortune Cove Road. Other main intersections such as McLean Road, Fisher Road, and Old Hendersonville Highway remain signalized.

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Typical Cross Section

R5800 Cross Section for US64/US276

Asheville highway corridor visioning

The City of Brevard has taken the opportunity that this project has offered to conduct an overall visioning study for the Asheville Highway corridor from Deavor Road to Caldwell Street.

To this end, the City has engaged Mosaic Civic Studio to study and design streetscape and intersection enhancements for the corridor between and within the NCDOT projects R-5799 and R-5800.

In July, Mosaic presented City Council design and visioning renderings for the current grassy median section of Asheville Highway as well as the US64/276/NC280 roundabout. These can be downloaded and viewed below.

Corridor Visioning Downloads