Future Tannery Park

The future Tannery Park is a 26-acre City-owned park space that is currently seeking funding for development of park facilities and infrastructure. The land wase acquired with PARTF funds awarded in 2013 and the City is now pursuing the development of paved ADA-accessible walking trails, a bicycle pump track, and a parking lot with picnic facilities. The City will also accept the of the land that the Mary C. Jenkins Community Center currently sits. The City proposes to demolish the current structure, build a new recreational center, and formally incorporate the community center into Tannery Park. The new community center will be linked to the main body of the park via a paved greenway trail within existing greenway easements held by the City.

Tannery Park will serve not only the immediate surrounding community, but also the greater citizenry of Brevard and Transylvania County. Proposed trails on the existing park and the new park addition are a critical link in extending the Estatoe Trail as part of the City's existing greenway trails system, and a pump track is an amenity not available anywhere in Transylvania County.

The proposed site plan submitted with the City's application for a PARTF grant to fund the construction of the facilities mentioned above is below. This is a conceptual plan to show potential amenities but the size, location, and specifics are subject to change.

Conceptual Site Plan

Proposed Tannery Park Site Plan