Ordinances, Resolutions & Proclamations

2021 Proclamations

2020 Ordinances

2020 Resolutions

  1. Res 2020-01 Approving Property Tax Releases for December 2019
  2. Res 2020-02 Fixing a Date of Public Hearing on Annexation-Trans County Historical Society-Allison Deaver House
  3. Res 2020-03 Resolution Approving Property Tax Releases (January)
  4. Res 2020-04 Resolution Authorizing Update on Focus 2020 Community Report
  5. Res 2020-05 Approving Property Tax Releases, February 2020
  6. Res 2020-07 Authorizing Grant and Loan Assistance for Burrell Mountain Resevoir
  7. Res 2020-06 Authorizing Grant and Loan Assistance for King Street Water Line
  8. Res 2020-08 Supporting BUILD Grant for the Construction of Multiple Interconnected and Outstanding Transportation Infrastructure Projects
  9. Res 2020-09 Supporting Application NCDOT Bicycle Pedestrian Planning Initiative Grant
  10. Res 2020-10 Adopt the South Mountain Reguional Hazard Mitigation Plan
  11. Res 2020-11 Extending the Sign Moratorium Through June 15
  12. Res 2020-12 Authorizing a Special Event Designed to Help Downtown Businesses ReOpening When Allowed by the Governors Order
  13. Res 2020-14 Establshing An Undesignated Available Fund Balance Policy for the City of Brevard General Fund
  14. Res 2020-15 Approving Financing Terms-Radio Upgrade, Dump Bed, Polaris Ranger 570 ATV
  15. Res 2020-16 Approving Financing Terms-Garbage Truck and Tipper, Compactor, SCADA System
  16. Res 2020-17 Approving Local Water Supply Plan
  17. Res 2020-18 Authorizing FIling of Application for Approval of a Financing Agreement
  18. Res 2020-19 Resolution Approving Property Tax Releases
  19. Res 2020-20 Resolution for Discount for City of Brevard and Heart of Brevard Property Taxes Paid Early

2020 Proclamations

2019 Ordinances

2019 Resolutions

2019 Proclamations