Under the city charter, the Chief of Police is appointed by the city manager and is subject to confirmation by the City Council. The Chief of Police supervises and directs the work of the police department under the supervision and direction of the city manager. Police responsibilities include:

  • Preserve the Public Peace
  • Prevent the Commission of crimes
  • Protect the rights of persons and property
  • Report nuisances in the streets, alleys, and other public places
  • Enforce the criminal laws of the state and city

The Police Department strives to provide the best services possible to our citizens. Some of the services include:

  • Provide the public with easy access to current crime information through our free crime mapping service
  • Allow users to view crime trends and subscribe to receive free crime alerts via email when new activity occurs in their area.
  • Investigate all persons reported missing until the person is found or determined to be a voluntarily missing adult.
  • Investigate all crimes reported by the community according to the law
  • Promote and ensure the safety, education, and welfare of all young people throughout the city
  • Routine or emergency response to all calls for service 24 / 7 / 365
  • Check on elderly or disabled citizens through our Reassurance Program
  • Vacation house checks
  • Community Watch Programs
  • Business Safety Escorts
  • Security Checks for businesses and residences
  • Stranded Motorist Assistance
  • Crime Prevention Programs
  • Department Tours
  • Bike Rodeos
  • Police Volunteer Program

Please call us if you would like to obtain more information on any of our services. The general non-emergency phone number is 828-883-2212