Sexual Assault Prevention

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Assault Prevention

Sexual assault is a crime of violence, not sexual passion. It is meant to degrade, humiliate, and control. The attacker can be a stranger or someone known and trusted. It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any place. The trauma of being assaulted is a shock from which many victims never fully recover.

No matter which form it takes, sexual assault is as much a problem today as it has been throughout history. While those most at risk are people between the ages of 10 and 29, it can happen to anyone at any age.

There is no portrait of a "typical" rapist. They, like their victims, are all ages and come from all racial and social backgrounds. They can be college students, married, doctors, teachers, or unemployed transients. Most are not deranged individuals looking for sex. In fact, the majority of offenders are highly intelligent, married men with families and have ready access to consensual sex; but they rape to control, dominate and humiliate the victim.

The information below provides suggestions on how to avoid dangerous situations, ways to resist if threatened or attacked, and how to cope with an attack. The information is by no means complete. There are numerous community organizations that provide prevention programs and post-incident counseling to citizens and victims.