Back to School Tips

  1. Walking to School
  2. Riding a Bike to School
  3. Motorists

Walking to School

  • Look both ways before crossing the street!
  • Cross at crosswalks. Crosswalks are placed in areas that are generally safer to cross the street.
  • Walk the route to school with your child to assure the route is safe. Teach your child to avoid hazards.
  • Walk with a group, preferably with adults.
  • Consider a "walking school bus." An adult begins the route by picking up the first child, then stops at each home to "pick up" other children. All walk to school together under the adult's supervision. Parents may trade this responsibility so it is not a burden on any one parent.
  • Make sure children know the way to school. New neighborhoods, new construction, or even changing landmarks may confuse younger children.
  • Wear bright clothing and have a brightly colored backpack. Reflective clothing, shoes, and stickers will increase visibility at dusk and dawn.
  • Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they are stopping for you before crossing in front of vehicles. Vehicles sometimes stop for reasons other than pedestrians, though it may look like the vehicle is stopping for the child.