Permitting Process

Approval Process

Depending on the nature and scale of your submittal, the approval process can take from a few minutes to several weeks, and can include several departments from the City of Brevard, Transylvania County, and the State of North Carolina. Please review the applicable calendar (specific to type of project) here before submitting your application.

Process for New, Relocating, or Expanding Businesses

  • Review is performed by Planning Department, Public Works Department, and City Clerk. Additional review by various city boards and commissions is not typically required.
  • Restaurants and certain other types of businesses require additional approval from the Transylvania County Department of Public Health.
  • After approval, businesses may occupy and set up their space.
  • Prior to opening for customers, businesses need to schedule a final inspection. Planning and Fire Department personnel will inspect for compliance with the approved permit, install Knox Box keys, and develop a fire response plan.

Additional Process Steps for New, Remodeled, or Renovated Structures

  • Exterior renovations are reviewed by the Community Appearance Commission.
  • Obtain relevant approvals from the Transylvania County Building Permitting, and Enforcement Department, and the Transylvania County Department of Public Health.
  • Various inspections by both the city and county are required throughout the construction process.
  • Prior to securing a Certificate of Occupancy and opening to customers, schedule a final inspection with the city Planning Department.