Permits & Applications

The Planning and Zoning Department regulates and permits a wide variety of activities within the City of Brevard. Please see the basic information below regarding the general permitting processes in the city. Applications for various permits are located at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: The City does not handle permits or inspections for North Carolina Building Code. The Transylvania County Building Permitting and Enforcement Department fills this role for the entire county, including inside the corporate limits of Brevard and Rosman.

When a Permit is Needed

The following activities within the City of Brevard's zoning jurisdiction require permit approval:

  • New business locating to the city
  • Existing businesses relocating to a new location
  • Existing businesses undergoing physical expansion within the same location
  • Remodeling, renovation, or other physical alteration of an existing structure
  • The placement of any signage
  • Special events
  • Temporary or mobile vendors
  • The closure of any street or sidewalk
  • Adding a fence to your property


A permit is required for a variety of reasons to protect public safety and quality of life:

  • To ensure that proposed businesses are legally allowable in the proposed location
  • To ensure that structural alterations are safe and compliant with the City's requirements
  • To protect the integrity of the City's utility system


Depending on the nature and scale of your submittal, the approval process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks and can include several departments from the City of Brevard, Transylvania County, and the State of North Carolina.


  • Zoning review is performed by the City Planning Department. Additional review by various City boards and departments is not typically required.
  • Restaurants and certain other types of businesses require additional approval from the Transylvania County Department of Public Health.
  • After zoning permit approval, businesses may occupy and set up their space.
  • Prior to opening for customers, businesses need to schedule a final inspection. Planning and Fire Department personnel will inspect for compliance with the approved permit, install Knox Box keys, and develop a fire response plan.


  • Obtain relevant approvals from the Transylvania County Building, Permitting, and Enforcement Department and from the Transylvania County Department of Public Health.
  • Various inspections by both the City and County are required throughout the construction process.
  • Prior to securing a Certificate of Occupancy and opening to customers, schedule a final inspection with the City Planning Department.

Permit Application Forms