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Posted on: December 4, 2017

Christmas Holiday Sanitation Schedule Change

Monday's route will be collected on Wednesday, December 27th and Tuesday's route will be collected on Thursday, December 28th, 2017. Furthermore, there will be no Commercial or Residential recycling collection by Waste Pro on Thursday, December 28th. Thur...

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Posted on: November 21, 2017

Buy a Brick, Help Rebuild the Depot!

In 1981 the old Railroad Depot was removed. I was serving overseas at the time in the USAF and when I returned home it was gone. I assumed that it had been bulldozed down. I recently found out that it was taken apart board-by-board and saved. We now have ...

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Posted on: November 20, 2017

Remember to Recycle During the Holidays

The holidays are great time to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Here’s how:

  • Gently open and save paper, boxes, and bags to re-use next year.
  • If you don’t want to save the items, just toss them in your recycle cart or bin.
  • Remove baking supply ...
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Posted on: September 25, 2017

Leaf Collection

The City of Brevard Sanitation Division will begin leaf collection on October 16, 2017. Loose leaf collection will end on January 5, 2018. Bags will be removed within three business days. Call 884-2171, Option 4 for bag collection.

Posted on: November 6, 2017

Flood Safety for Motorists

Transylvania County receives an abundant amount of rainfall on a regular basis producing lush forests and ample rivers and streams. Surface water flooding is often caused by periods of heavy rainfall, but also blocked drains and burst water mains can gene...

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