Ordinances, Proclamations & Resolutions

2017 Resolutions

  1. Res 2017-01 Amending Purpose of Council Parks.Trails.Recreation Committee
  2. Res 2017-02 Policy for Approval and Opening of Closed Session Minutes
  3. Res 2017-03 Authoring Financing for Radio Read Meters (ARM)
  4. Res 2017-04 Amending Council DTMP Committee-HOB Design Committee
  5. Res 2017-05 Financing Terms for Capital Equipment Purchases
  6. Res 2017-06 Updating City Signatories to Sign Checks
  7. Res 2017-07 Updating Signatories For Credit Card Use
  8. Res 2017-08 Amending the Brevard OPEB Trust
  9. Res 2017-09 Modifying the Membership Structure of the City Council Committees
  10. Res 2017-10 Tannery Park, Authorizing Applications for Grants and Contracts
  11. Res 2017-11 Authorizing Sale of Real Estate to Transylvania Economic Alliance
  12. Res 2017-12 Endorsing Creation of a Community Relatins Board
  13. Res 2017-13 City Clerk Investigate Sufficiency Annex John J Brown Trust
  14. Res 2017-14 City of Brevard-Transylvania County Parks Recration Master Plan
  15. Res 2017-15 Revision and Update of City Signatory Approving Employees To Sign Checks
  16. Res 2017-16 Supporting R-5800 Asheville Highway Access Management Project
  17. Res 2017-17 Authorizing Grant Application for Water Treatment Infrastructure Improvements
  18. Res 2017-18 Fixing Public Hearing Date On Vol Annexation-John J Brown Trust
  19. Res 2017-19 Clerk to Investigate Sufficiency Annex, Little Mtn. Properties
  20. Res 2017-20 Award Contract Scott Air-Paks Fire Department
  21. Res 2017-21 Intent to Consider Closing Portion of McMinn Avenue
  22. Res 2017-22 Investigate Sufficiency for Annexation Tores Properties LLC
  23. Res 2017-23 Endorsing A Bike_Pedestrian Bridge Across Davidson River
  24. Res 2017-24 Respect and Appreciation for Council Member Ann Hollingsworth

2015 Ordinances

Listed are Ordinances Brevard City Council has adopted since Supplement #9 (Ordinance No. 2015-05).

2015 Resolutions